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Donald Trump’s Bad Grades

March 4, 2019

Depending on what business you’re in, you may ignore someone’s academic record. Donald Trump had bad grades and, most likely, was compelled to leave Fordham University because his dyslexia made it impossible for him to complete the reading, writing and foreign language requirements.

In 1964, a Freshman at Fordham was required to complete the following reading intensive courses: English (6) credits; Sociology (6) credits; Theology (6) credits

In a Fordham student’s Sophomore year the requirements were: English (6) credits; Philosophy (6) credits

Based on observation of the President’s reading habits, he would have failed to receive barely passing grades in those courses.

At the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, there was little required reading and no foreign language requirement, just be good at mathematics and you might be able to graduate from Wharton’s undergraduate program. Even at that, I will not be surprised to learn that Donald Trump didn’t earn a degree from Wharton. Christopher Finn, an education consultant came to much of the same conclusion in an essay published in Forbes on February 28.

That may explain some of the behaviors of President Trump: easily frustrated, quick to assign blame, little concern about his subordinates’ feelings, aggressive sexual appetite, and great concern for how others view him.  With those characteristics, I would hire Donald Trump for a position in marketing, especially if marketing himself gave added value. But, would I want him to administer the government of the United States or conduct American foreign policy?



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