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Charles Sykes’ Bulwark and “B.S.”

March 14, 2019

B.S. is an abbreviation of Bachelor of Science, but in the case of Charles Sykes, that abbreviation stands for that smelly stuff that bulls in fields drop with abandon.

To be fair, I do not like Charles Sykes who gave every appearance of being a traditional conservative when, in 1990, he published The Hollow Men: Politics and Corruption In Higher Education.

During the 27 years from publication of The Hollow Men and his participation in a conference organized by University Professors for Academic Order to his latest book, How the Right Lost Its Mind, Sykes has gone soft. I detected Sykes’ true colors when I asked him to mention my new conservative university in his daily radio program on Milwaukee’s WTMJ. No interest.

During his career, Sykes has kept his distance from himself and political conservatives and is now firmly in the Progressive Left orbit of MSNBC where he appears daily and is described as a “Conservative talk show host and self-professed ‘Never Trump’ crusader.” MSNBC and CNN apply the word “conservative” to negative anti-GOP commentary in order make it palatable.

Charles Sykes has now launched “The Bulwark” which gives the impression that this is a sequel to The Weekly Standard. The Bulwark is a project of Defending Democracy Together whose directors include Bill Kristol, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez and others with Republican credentials. I’m glad for Bill Kristol that he has been able to get Sykes to make a commitment–to something other than himself. But, Sykes’ participation in a third formulation of Neo-conservatism from its origination in the 1970s to the publication of The Weekly Standard in 1995 places the Neconservative banner on weak ground. But, at least now there’s a place we can track the ideas of pseudo-political conservatives like Charles Sykes.


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