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The Real Steve Moore

April 5, 2019

President Donald Trump has nominated economist Steve Moore to serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. That immediately aroused a scandalous attack on Steve Moore that questioned his credentials as an economist, his past economic predictions, his ability to serve in government and the grip on reason of President Trump.

I first met Steve Moore at an event conducted at his home in 1999 when he launched the Club for Growth. That organization became “the” advocate for what we know as “Supply-side Economics” and continues today to hold the feet of elected officials and aspirants to public office to the fire of economic common sense.

In 2009, Yorktown University organized a day-long presentation on the topic of Supply-side Economics at “FreedomFest,” on July 9-11, 2009, at Bally’s Events Center in Las Vegas.  Steve Moore, Alan Reynolds, Richard Rahn, Steve Entin, George Gilder and Mark Skousen explained economics from the Supply-side to an audience of seventeen hundred attendees.

This link will take you to a recording of what these two stellar economists, Richard Rahn and Steve Moore, said at FreedomFest a decade ago.

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