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Progressive “News” at AT&T’s CNN

April 6, 2019

The acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T conveyed control of CNN to corporate executives whose training, professional experience and beliefs run counter to CNN’s management. I have seen modest changes in programming at CNN in the two weeks since AT&T took control, which suggests I’m right. More center to right of center opinions are being given airtime at CNN by interviewing GOP politicians and Republican consultants.

But, in the long term, AT&T management faces the same difficulties that conservative colleges and universities such as Hillsdale college, Liberty and Regent universities and The King’s College in New York City have in attempting to find traditional scholars.

Are the managers at AT&T up to it?

Finding a conservative or even objective “journalists” is made difficult by the demise of schools of journalism and the rise of Departments of “Communication.” Training a reporter how to report who, what, when and where is difficult enough since that requires legwork, research and time-consuming interviews. Learning how to express opinions requires having an opinion and Communication Departments are there to provide aspiring “journalists” with Progressive ideology.

Ted Turner created CNN to report the news but was quickly co-opted by Progressives. Time, Inc. lost its objectivity with the death of Henry Luce and became a mouthpiece for Leftist ideology. Today’s CNN has managers and on-camera personalities who share that ideology. Moving some of the managers up and out or just “out” is a politically sensitive proposition. AT&T made what seems to be the first move by giving dual responsibilities to Jeff Zucker who was named Chairman of WarnerMedia News and Sports in March, 2019. Presumably it will be clear that this responsibility is too great for one man and Zucker will be assigned  solely to Sports.

After all, that along with HBO is where the money is.

That would be a good move, if indeed that is AT&T’s John Stankey’s intention. But that is just the beginning of recovery of CNN from its ideological bias. On-air talent has to be replaced or moved over for more objective news readers. That means replacing Christi Paul, Nia Malika Henderson, Wolf Blitzer, Victor Blackwell and Jake Tapper and moving “The Van Jones Show” to a once-a-year, one-hour-roundup of Leftist activities worldwide.  If you include CNN’s Don Lemon, it’s clear to anyone who is tradition-minded that AT&T has bought a lemon.

In my judgment, only major changes can recover objective reporting from the Progressive orientation of CNN.  To assume that management of a telephone company like AT&T has management with the knowledge and sophistication to do what is required to move CNN toward the center of public opinion is to overlook how deeply ingrained is the political religion of Progressivism of “journalists” at CNN.

Once AT&T management realizes what they have on their hands, I expect AT&T will decide to sell CNN to the highest bidder and make sports and entertainment, not news and information, WarnerMedia’s sole business.

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