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All elections are not alike

April 9, 2019

The 2016 Presidential election was waged against the legacy of Bush 41, Bush 43 and President Obama.

The winner of that election railed against the policy of Imperial wars, the failure of NATO to adjust to a new balance of power, high tax rates and Obamacare

Bush 41 and his Secretary of State, James Baker, were dumbfounded by the collapse of the Soviet Union and did not immediately work with our NATO allies to place greater responsibility for mutual defense on the Western democracies.

Bush 43’s invasion of Iraq was a gratuitous use of political power against a non-existent threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

All of Donald Trump’s opponents in the GOP primary had bought the Bush 43 “Kool Aid” and offered no indication that Republican voters blamed Bush 43 for destroying the limited government GOP brand.

And Donald Trump pulled a rabbit out of his hat by advocating closing down Mexican illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration to much lower levels than made possible by the 1965 Immigration Act. Borrowing from the rhetoric of a 1960s Conservative MP, Enoch Powell, Trump appealed to traditional Democrats who were aggrieved by policies benefitting non-Northern European immigrants.

Donald Trump won the General Election which, for him, was the good news.

As the GOP faces another election in 2020, Republican are reviewing some bad news.

The President’s policies toward Russia are uncomfortably retrained and his advocacy of Ukrainian independence has been muted.

The President’s top down foreign policy that relies on personal meetings with heads of state with little to no advance preparation by senior staff is the reverse of how American foreign policy is conducted. In the traditional model, the President meets after all issues have been discussed at lower levels and heads of state meet later to approve what has already been negotiated.

The President has failed to make critical presidential appointments thus removing from the execution of President policies critical support by political appointees. The President is now at the mercy of career bureaucrats, civil servants, who, if left to their own devices, will seek to advance their own interests,

The President engaged in what Newt Gingrich described as a “hostile takeover” of the GOP and thus inherited Republican leaders with no personal loyalty. Former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and former White House Chief of Staff and former GOP National Chairman, Reince Priebus were weak sisters that cost the President repeal of Obamacare.

Trump also promised voters not to touch “Entitlement” programs and proposed spending that bloated budgets. His personal antics and “tweets” cause mainstream media to engage in ridicule and voters are having second thoughts. More House seats were lost by the GOP in 2018 than in the disastrous election year of 1964!

The President has also reversed commitment of the United States to free trade and is engaged in imposing tariffs that will increase the cost of imported goods and reduce American agricultural exports. And. there is concern that release of the President’s tax returns and actions by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York will lead to indictment of the President’s family for violations of federal laws against money laundering and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The Trump Foundation has already been compelled to close.

All elections are not alike and the election of 2020 promises a different outcome than the election of 2016.



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