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Elizabeth Warren’s Fraud–Free College

April 22, 2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), aspiring to succeed President Donald Trump, has hit on a hot issue: free college.

Of course paying for that Entitlement is expensive, but that isn’t the reason that policy is morally fraudulent.

The American higher education Establishment of regionally accredited colleges and universities has attained the power of a Cartel by requiring that “accredited” colleges must offer a majority of courses in classrooms from a physical campus.

The Administrators, Professors and Boards of Directors of these regionally accredited colleges and universities are supportive of Democrats like Sen. Warren. She understands that and has proposed nothing to change the way that these institutions are accredited and regulated by the States and the federal government.

What could she do? How about proposing to compel “regional” accreditation agencies to grant regional accreditation to colleges and universities that are solely online?

The first “regional” accreditation association was founded in 1885, and only one of six “regional” associations has accredited solely Internet institutions. And that was an experiment begun in 1999 and terminated in 2008.

If a “Standard of  “regional” accreditation requiring that degree programs be offered from a campus were changed, and solely Internet-based institutions could attain “regional” accreditation, I calculate that the first two years of college could be lowered to $3,500 a year (10 courses).

With the exception of Arizona State where tuition of some courses is $600, tuition for one course at most regionally accredited costs between $900 and $1,000 per course. You can listen to my explanation by accessing this recorded interview.

Or, better yet, read what we recommended ten years ago. Nothing has changed:


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