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The Progressive’s War against the States

April 25, 2019

We pointed out on April 20 that the Progressive’s 17th Amendment to the Constitution providing for direct election of members of the U.S. Senate in 1913 assured that few Senators of distinction would be elected to the Senate. The next Progressive attack on quality of elected officials will involve abolition of the Electoral College.

Designed to protect the interests of the States, the Framers provided for an “Electoral College.” Each state “appoints in such manner as its Legislature may direct” a number of Electors equal to the number of Senators and members of the House of Representatives. The States will then “make a list of all persons voted for, and the number of votes for each…” That list is then signed and certified, sealed and transmitted to “the Seat of the Genl. Government, directed to the President of the Senate…” (Madison’s Notes, Sepr. 4. 1787).

Many of the some twenty candidates for the Democrat nomination for President in 2020 favor direct election of the President by popular vote. If ratified, that amendment will give greater power to the States  with large populations and render citizens of smaller states to a condition of “observers” of Presidential elections. When and if that occurs, the complete centralization of power in the federal government will have been attained and the government of the United States will become more like European centralized governments than the more limited government intended by the Framers. A trend to a multi-party system will accelerate and American politics will become totally driven by Progressive ideologies.

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