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The Coming Millennial Havoc

May 3, 2019

Since the French Revolution, intellectual classes throughout Western Europe have been infected by the virus of ideology. In the case of France, that ideology flew the flags of Liberty and Equality. Later, in Germany, the flags that were flown cited “Volk” and “Rasse.” In Russia, Marxist ideology destroyed traditional culture. In each case, destructive violence and murder of tens of thousands of people was seen as necessary.

May 2nd was the 500th anniversary of the birth of Leonardo DaVinci. A ceremony was held at his burial site in France where his body was placed after finding his remains at the site of a church destroyed during the French Revolution.

These murderous ideologies required centralization of power of the state in order to realize their ideological claims. Though centralization of the state was founded in France by the Monarchy, revolutionary France heightened the power of the state when it welcomed the coup d’état of Napoleon.

As Napoleon invaded Europe, the ideology of revolution was spread into higher education and that led to battles that have been waged ever since between “traditional” educators and the ideologues.

Today, the dominance of “Progressives” in the United States at every level of education, the law, media and government. threatens civil society with loss of freedom and our country’s independence.

That is the theme of a series of presentations being organized titled “Loss of Country.”

No traditional order in the West—in our case “representative government”–has survived civil war, revolution or centralization of state power once ideologies achieve dominance. In each historical case that we discuss in a series of Webcasts on the theme “Loss of Country”–China, France, Germany, Poland–defenders of tradition dealt with loss of life and personal freedom.

Here is a description of the first two presentations scheduled to be given on June 13 in Washington, DC at the Institute of World Politics:

June 13, 2019

Dr. Richard Bishirjian: The Artful Recluse. This presentation will discuss a recent study by the Asia Society of painting, poetry and politics of 17th Century China. Titled “The Artful Recluse,” the work examines a time of crisis and change during the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties and how Chinese artists and intellectuals dealt with the loss of their country to the Mongols. If you’ve said to yourself, “I no longer recognize my country,” then you realize that we are very close to being compelled to chose reclusiveness as a way to survive dangerous times.

Dr. Jack Tierney: To Lose a Country: France 1940. The title of this presentation is taken from the third volume of Alistair Horne’s trilogy on French-German relations (wars) between 1870 and 1940. France lost two and won the middle (1918) but in the last (1940) France, in effect, lost itself, i.e. its “country.” What does the loss of “country” imply and does it occur every time a war is lost?

Recovery of tradition from the long decline in university standards is the ultimate purpose of this series of presentations on “Loss of Country.”

Today, this long decline in university standards has generated a new class of college educated Americans who have no loyalty to their country. That portends a coming havoc and loss of country.


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