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Softballs for Mayor Pete

May 20, 2019

On Sunday evening, May 20, FoxNews premiered a TownHall with Democrat Party candidate for President, Pete Buttigieg.

Chris Wallace conducted the interviews by introducing members of the audience with questions for Mayor Pete.

I’m certain that Fox Corp’s management wants to do more TownHalls with Democrat Party candidates and wanted this very first TownHall to be “respectable.” But what transpired was a tragedy for Fox Corp and its traditional audience.

Observant voters of both Parties are aware of Pete’s credentials: Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, son of a Notre Dame University Professor, service with the National Guard in Afghanistan and Iraq, Harvard grad and Rhodes Scholar and linguist.

All that is well known but of little interest to the FoxNews audience of cultural conservatives who are, at minimum, curious about Pete’s homosexuality and “husband.”

This troubling aspect of Pete Buttigieg’s TownHall appearance on FoxNews was not scrutinized, as if homosexual practices are commonly accepted. All the questions were “softballs” thrown as if to entertain members of Mayor Pete’s family and supporters.

Chris Wallace gave no indication that he understood the importance of this event for loyal FoxNews viewers and stayed on script with “don’t offend” softball questioning of a very controversial politician.

Frankly, we deserve better.

Was this a pep rally or a means to ask questions of the first candidate for President of the United States who is homosexual?

It may well be that 50% of Americans approve or do not care about Pete’s homosexual relationship with his legal mate. But, FoxNews viewers do,  and were offended that the new FoxNews under Rupert Murdoch’s sons are taking FoxNews to the political and cultural Progressive Left.

Roger Ailes gave “us” the one vehicle in mainline media that did not reflect the Left-wing character of American “journalism” and now that is being taken away from us.

FoxNews is not merely a business, it is an aspect of America’s resolve to remain free of Progressive domination of every aspect of culture. That two heirs to a media empire who were not educated in that understanding are taking this from us is a tragedy for Fox and its faithful viewers.

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