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Nancy Pelosi Reduces the National Debt!

May 22, 2019

The United States is in need of infrastructure improvements, but we cannot afford to finance them from tax revenue or borrowing.

Today President Trump declared in the White House “Rose Garden” that he will not negotiate with Democrats to do infrastructure “deals” until the Democrats back off or finish their many investigations leading to his Impeachment?

Nancy Pelosi’s willingness to work with the extreme Left of the Democrat Party to build a case for Impeachment has saved the United States from public expenditures on infrastructure improvements.

Neither President Trump nor the Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the States appreciate efficiencies that can be accomplished by privatization. For example, sell our major highways and bridges to private companies who agree to service them in exchange for Tolls.

Or, privatize the FAA’s Air Traffic Control system by selling it to a private corporation controlled by the major commercial airlines.

Companies in Western Europe and Australia would love to get a piece of the privatization of Americans airports, roads and bridges and thus relieve American taxpayers from bearing the burden of an orgy of bi-partisan spending on infrastructure.

Privatization is a solution, but the process of approving privatization projects involves corrupt public office holders.

When the Daley Administration in Chicago privatized the Dan Ryan Expressway, did anyone account where income from that transaction went and whom it benefited?

Several years ago Republicans in Pennsylvania voted against privatization of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Why? I’m pretty sure they voted against that because they understood that privatization would entail corrupt practices. Some one or many  Pennsylvania Democrats would receive significant bribes.

There is a reason that only one airport in the United States was once privatized: Teterboro Airport  is in “Joisy.”

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, you saved us from a carnival of corrupt infrastructure improvements.

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