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Mark Steyn is Right

May 24, 2019

This is the age of TV–soon to become the age of Streaming Media–so I listened to radio when in my car. Yes, I had a radio at home, but the alarm clock on the radio was used more than for listening to radio broadcasts. From December 1999 to June 2012, I spent a great many hours in my car or rental cars as I traveled to meet with potential investors in a for-profit university founded in 2000.

My car plays CDs and, as I drove, I listened to NPR classical music and NPR news broadcasts. On one trip in 2007, I took a set of Bob Dylan’s “Bootleg” series of CDs. I concluded that Dylan was a loner and that I preferred Dolly Parton.

Still there were no commercials on NPR, so I ignored the Progressive  bias of NPR until I traveled with my Admissions Director on visits to military bases. He shamed me into listening to Rush Limbaugh. So, for the past 12 years my car radio is set to listen to Rush.

Rush Limbaugh is a real hoot, but his substitute when Rush is not in his studio is Mark Steyn.

Steyn was born in Canada of a family with roots in Belgium, a Catholic who now worships in the Anglican Church.  He left the equivalent of high school in England at age 16 and has been a disc jockey, music historian, author and opinion journalist. Believe me, you must be intelligent and extremely gifted to pull that off!  He is the equal of many critics who stayed the course and were graduated from Oxford, Harvard or Yale.

I like Steyn because his style, unlike British conservatives, is exuberant and loud. Steyn wanted to break off Britian’s connections to the EU before there was a Brexit.

Yesterday he criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation, suggesting that its reputation is over-blown and was controlled by Progressives until they took on Donald Trump. This is refreshing because American political conservatives still reserve a warm spot in their hearts for the FBI and even the CIA.

Maybe Steyn will disabuse them of that illusion.


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