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Robert Mueller, “Attorney”

May 30, 2019

Let’s be quite clear: President Donald Trump was a political novice and mistakenly ran for President not expecting he would win. His campaign, he thought, would be “good for business” by advertising the Trump Organization’s enterprises.

Much to everyone’s surprise, including Donald Trump, Trump won the 2016 election by doing what he does in business–marketing Donald Trump.

That was an insult to the political Establishment of Federal government career civil servants who understood that Trump was their enemy, including the top leadership of the FBI and CIA, Progressive intellectuals including journalists, hundreds of thousands of half-educated attorneys and Leftist college and university professors.

Trump himself was his own worst enemy due to inexperience in government and what appears to be illegal activity conducted by the Trump Organization that, when exposed, is likely to reveal laundering of Russian oligarch money, violation of regulations governing political campaigns, violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, and outright lying about his plans to build a Trump Hotel in Moscow that, apparently, left a soft spot in his heart for Vladimir Putin.

The Trump Foundation has already been forced to shut down due to violation of regulations governing charitable foundations. One of the Foundation’s acts included the commissioning of a portrait of Donald Trump which was displayed in the clubhouse of one of Trump’s golf courses.

Add to that Trump’s sexual promiscuity, and one wonders how the special counsel could not prove that Trump had been compromised by Putin agents during his Moscow “Miss Universe” pageant in 2013. Or that Mueller’s investigators could not find evidence that  Trump’s campaign for President of the United States had colluded with Russia by encouraging the release of hacked e-mail by Trump’s opponent–Hillary Clinton.

All that Robert Mueller has is a case of “obstruction of justice.” Obstruction of justice is “inside baseball” for failure to confess. Everyone and anyone subjected to federal investigation and prosecution can be charged with “Obstruction.”

That brings me to the dangers inherent in our powerful class of “Attorneys at Law.”

We are a litigious people and there is good business to be made in litigating complaints. That is why the framers of the Constitution at Philadelphia in 1787 refused to grant to the Judicial Branch powers to contravene acts of Congress. The Federalists were persistent, however, and established the principle of judicial review in the first legal action that provided that opportunity in 1801 (Marbury vs. Madison). At least Mr. Justice John Marshall understood what was at issue and was supported by James Madison who advocated a role for the judiciary far in excess of what the Framers intended.

At least he knew what he was doing.

Our contemporary class of attorneys are far less knowledgeable than those early Federalists and have to make up ways to nail those that offend them–men like Donald Trump.

That reminds me, what did William Shakespeare write in Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2?



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