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Abuse of Science

June 2, 2019

The theological and philosophic principles of the good life were lost many hundreds of years ago, and their absence, except in the classrooms of college instructors tutored by Eric Voegelin and Leo Strauss, and in philosophy programs rooted in “natural law,” threatens life and order in the 21st century.

Without morality, evil in the fallen condition of human beings spreads injustices in society. In hindsight we sometimes ask, “What if”–Vladimir Lenin had been killed by the forces of Czar Nicolas? Hitler had been killed in a beer hall brawl? Or, “What if Woodrow Wilson had remained a college president and was not elected to the Office of the President of the United States in 1912.” A more immediate “What if?” has arisen in the form of a former Clinton Administration appointee who believes that genetic engineering will shape the future of the human race.

Jamie Metzl understands the power latent in the human genome and paints a hopeful picture  of a future that begins with altering human life at conception.

If you think Lenin, Hitler or Woodrow Wilson were “bad news” for mankind, listen to this interview with Jamie Metzl.

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