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After Hong Kong

June 12, 2019

Aggressive action against Hong Kong demonstrators reinforces our understanding that the People’s Republic of China is a totalitarian nation. Policies by Mao and his successors were defined by use of state power to suppress the Chinese people  and, with the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square massacres, that principle of totalitarian control was reinforced. Today the PRC under Xi Jinping, supreme leader of the PRC’s Communist Party, utilizes his totalitarian powers to assure complete control of China by the Communist Party.

Nobody believes in “Maoism,” however, and tight controls on every aspect of civic life are necessary.  Not even the Internet can break through State controls and only highly motivated private, secret, religious ceremony and education creates a free space for essential aspects of the Chinese spirit.

That explains the PRC’s crackdown on all religious activity.

Still, the PRC’s economy is dependent on international trade and only that weakness gives the nations of the West hope of containing the PRC’s ambitions to Asia.

And what are those ambitions?

Subjugation of South Korea, recovery of Taiwan and payback to Japan for the terrors inflicted on China during World War 2. Only reinforcement of South Korea’s military defenses, strengthening Japan’s military and carefully providing military reinforcements to the Republic of China’s government on Taiwan will deter the PRC’s imperial ambitions.

Forget trade and manufacturing with the PRC. That Nixonian “China card” and utopian hope that trade would transform the PRC into a traditional nation was a mistake. Only reductions in America’s trading with, and manufacturing in, the PRC are consistent with the national interest of the United States.

Only massive rethinking of China trade and a search for other markets will protect our Asian allies and the United States.

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