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CNN’s Jester Unleashed!

June 17, 2019

Court jesters were part of entertainment at royal courts certainly in  the 14th century, but perhaps as early as the 11th century when the Capetian court in France came to dominate the Franks and when the “Norman” William the Conqueror completed his conquest of the English.

Jesters brought humor and entertainment for those with leisure to enjoy it and sometimes spoke the truth when others were afraid to speak.

Deep in the bowels of CNN there is a Jester who finally feels free to tell the truth about CNN’s Progressive Left tilt.

On Sunday, June 16 at CNN’s morning production of “State of the Cartoonian,” this jester let loose with a real howler!

Take a look, and if you don’t appreciate the humor of this Jester, get on your knees and beg the Good Lord to give you a sense of humor!


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