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America’s #1 Long Term Enemies

June 26, 2019

From the first day of President Trump’s term in office, I believed the greatest damage he could do was by starting another war. Intuitively, President Trump understands that the American people are tired of war in the Middle East. He also knows some other important things about us Americans, but that understanding comes from living, not long study.

Because the President suffers from dyslexia and reading is difficult and painful, what the President knows and understands doesn’t come from books. Intellectually he is still that 17 year-old cadet from New York Military Academy, awed and influenced by U.S. Army career military.

That explains the long list of former Admirals and Generals he has tapped for Presidential appointments, and his respect for men who graduated from West Point. But, there are indications that the President is fighting World War II, not the asymmetric war of the 21st century, nor are there indications that he understands the motivation of America’s adversaries.

We may assume that the President has not read the Koran and has no comprehension of the motivation of the Islamic regime governing Iran. He hasn’t read a word of Marx or Engels, so he doesn’t understand what makes Kim Jong-un or Xi Jinping tick. But, if the young 17-year old military academy cadet learned his lessons, here’s how he would rank our enemies on a scale of 1 to 4.

#1     Iran

#2     North Korea

#3     People’s Republic of China

#4     Imperial Russia

The Mullahs who govern, or more descriptively, impose Islam on modern Iran believe that they represent the will of Allah and that they understand what he commands from long study of his Koran. Western civilization in their eyes is corrupt and an affront to Allah. There can be no negotiation with this Satan.

North Korea’s leader is a third generation totalitarian Communist. Giving him a video that describes the commercial value of North Korea’s seacoast is a gross misreading of how the young totalitarian thinks. The Communist leader of the People’s Republic of China is also a committed believer in the ideology of Mao Tse-tung and he, too, cannot be motivated by ideas that excite a New York real estate developer.

Only Russia, dominated by an authoritarian autocrat who wants to rebuild the Russian Federation into an Empire like that governed by the Tsars is comprehensible to our young cadet.

Each enemy State requires a different defensive strategy.

For Iran–destruction of Iran’s leadership by economic strangulation and preparation for a military assault aimed at decapitating the regime. Sending aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf is “WW II Think” that will lead to destruction of these floating coffins by Iran’s missile defenses and war.

For North Korea–place indirect pressure on North Korea through economic constraints placed on trade with the PRC and by giving powerful defensive weapons to South Korea, Japan and the Republic of China on Taiwan.

For Imperial Russia– Stop any further aggression by Russia as exhibited in Crimea and Georgia by boxing Russia into its national borders. Prepare Ukraine to resist a Russian takeover, and support the former vassal states of the USSR with defensive weapons. Assist Poland to lead that defensive effort and give military aid to Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia and Serbia.

Of these three strategies, only one compels us to give serious preparation for war.



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