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Loss of Mind and Country

June 29, 2019

Cable news and major print media are gaga over the array of twenty aspirants to the White House assembled in two debates on June 27 and 28. And two candidates especially titillate the interest of CNN and MSNBC:  Senators Elizabeth Warren (R-MA) and Kamala Harris (R-CA).

Had they a choice, CNN and MSNBC would prefer Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) or Cory Booker (D-NJ). As a practicing homosexual who is “married” to a homosexual, Mayor Pete breaks the standard of heterosexuality formerly required of persons who  seek to “represent” a majority of voters, and Cory Booker is seen as a logical successor to the United States’ first, male, African-American president, Barack Obama. Unlike England, we choose men as our leaders.

Since the election of Barack Obama on the Left to Obama’s extreme opposite on the Right, Donald Trump, the American political party system has swung so widely from Left to Right that it is clear that our Party system has broken down.

A new majority Party is being fashioned that gives most “traditional” white, heterosexual, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish voters a sense that their country has changed. Call them the “Party” of Common Sense. For them, the Democrats and Donald Trump are out-of-step with the ordinary practice of electing politicians who are not radicals.

Everything they assume, believe and trust is challenged.

To a man or woman, Democrat Party leaders would have us believe that America is anti-minority and literally a Racist “structured” country serving the very wealthy and requires what the State of Maine’s aged socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, calls “Revolution.” But America’s “minorities,” African-American, Hispanic and Asian voters, are not revolutionary in disposition nor do they want to overturn their country’s laws.

Sure, refugees from Central American failed states have a compelling claim to fair treatment at American borders, but none is due the “rights” of American citizens including the benefits of America’s welfare system, a free college education, or the right to asylum. Their problems can’t be “fixed” by breaking American law. No country can exist without borders and regulations governing immigration.

We sense that we are seeing the first signs that “they” are winning and “we” may lose our country. The American Academy of Distance Learning has begun Webcasting presentations on the theme “Loss of Country.” Those first presentations visit three countries that were “lost” to invasion and will soon be followed by presentations that explain how American citizens may lose their country, not to invasion, but to failure to educate our citizens in their civic responsibilities.

You can listen to them by accessing this page at American Academy of Distance Learning.

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