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The Donald and Kim Show

June 30, 2019

President Donald Trump understands and is a master of marketing–of himself. His overture to Kim Jong-un of North Korea to meet at the DMZ between North and South Korea led, hours ago. to an historic meeting between the two leaders.

Mission accomplished.

Donald Trump commanded the staged meeting and overshadowed all the nail-biting, hissing and complaining of Democrats who seek to displace him and overcame the biased reporting of our Progressive, journalistic elite, that dominates all media in the United States.

But what are the motives of Kim Jong-un?

At thirty-five years of age he has lived a life as a captive in a closed environment and spent very little time in a free environment that every other youngster enjoys. He attended  a special school for elites in Switzerland where he learned to play basketball and, for awhile, lived in anonymity with family relatives in Switzerland.

The poor bastard never had a life and now, as supreme leader of a totalitarian state, he is doomed to live a life of seclusion absent normal intercourse that everyone else in the world takes for granted.

Until, that is, Donald Trump came along.

Suddenly young Kim can break out from his seclusion, see the world and allow the world to see him. The Donald is the best thing that has happened to Kim since he made friends with basketball great, Dennis Rodman.

What about nuclear weapons? Ballistic missile tests?

Forget them, this is a breakout session with the greatest showman in the world since P.T. Barnum!


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