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Happy 4th of July

July 2, 2019

This 4th of July I will remember some American patriots.

I knew some of them: Henry Regnery, William F. Buckley, Jr., Russell Kirk and E. Victor Milione, long-time head of ISI. Others I knew only by reputation. One I never knew was Morrie Ryskind, who with George M. Kaufman, produced the Broadway musical “Of thee I sing” with a score by George Gershwin.

Morrie’s son, Allan Ryskind, was editor of Human Events. Allan Ryskind was a friend of M. Stanton Evans and Bill Shulz, who was editor of Reader’s Digest. This “Media Matters” report says this about Shulz:

On June 26, 1986, The Washington Post reported that a Reader’s Digest-operated foundation pulled its funding from the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) to register dissatisfaction with what Schulz called the desire among AEI leadership at the time “to move the organization to the center and appeal to foundations and corporations not thought of as conservative.” 

Early in life, Morrie Ryskind was a socialist. I shall have to contact Allan Ryskind to find out why his father became a conservative and friend to William F. Buckley, Jr. and Ronald Reagan. In 1947, Morrie appeared before the House Committee on Un-American Activities as a “Friendly Witness.” Ryskind who was a successful playwright “never sold another script after that appearance…and he believed that his appearance before HUAC was responsible.”  He helped Bill Buckley by lending funds to start National Review.

These are the fellas I’ll remember on the 4th of July and I’ll listen to Kate Smith sing God Bless America.




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