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Stop the Parade!

July 3, 2019

Mentally Donald Trump is that 17 year old cadet at New York Military Academy. The last time he read a book was at New York Military Academy or, maybe, Fordham University where he spent at least one full year and then moved on.

Anyone that limited in book learning and mentally living in a time warp of cadets marching on parade explains Donald Trump’s love of military parades. Of course, anyone who has watched a Bastille Day parade in Paris or the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London understands their grandeur. But, those who read histories of the events that engendered those practices will recall that, after the storming of the  Bastille, French Revolutionaries killed their king and put a price on the heads of French nobility.

England stood in the way of a Revolutionary France led by Napoleon and defeated him.

I worry, however, that our young cadet-President is ignorant of that history and of the limited government fashioned at Philadelphia in 1787, and especially I worry that President Trump did not rebuke Jerry Farwell, Jr. for suggesting that the President’s term should  be extended two more  years.

A good way to add two years to the President’s fixed four year term is to suspend Inauguration of our next President in 2020, roll out those tanks being readied for tomorrow’s parade, and use them to change our government from one based on our Constitution to a better one in the mind of that young cadet.

I know, that’s a radical idea. But statements made by President Trump suggest that he’d really like to suspend elections and run the country his way.



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