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Cowardice at Nike

July 4, 2019

Our system of higher education does a pretty good job educating college students in “Business Administration” but is not very good for educating future entrepreneurs. That may explain why Apple and Microsoft were founded by college dropouts.

Not being “trained” to think like everyone else has advantages, but Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s believed that dropping out of high school was the biggest mistake of his life. Dave Thomas made that fateful decision in 1947 when he was 15.

This week, another corporate executive, Mark Parker, the “decider” at Nike made a fateful decision to pull from production a “Betsy Ross” inspired sneaker featuring the flag that Betsy Ross displayed for General of the Continental Army, George Washington.

Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker is much better educated having earned a BA in Political Science at Penn State in 1977. But, reportedly on the advice of Colin Kaepernick, Parker stopped production.

Parker was of “Draft” age in 1973 at the height of protests against attacks by the Nixon Administration in Cambodia. There is no evidence that he served in the U.S. military during the war in Vietnam, which probably explains “Progressive” policies and initiatives like killing the Betsy Ross sneaker at Nike.

Add to that the overall Politically Correct attitude of corporate Human Resources Departments, any young conservatives trained in Business Administration must be very careful in choosing where they are employed.

Stay away from Nike, start your own company or work for closely held businesses run by company founders, not Political Science majors.

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