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“Pinko” at CNN

July 7, 2019

John King’s Inside Politics that airs Sunday mornings on CNN is one of the few objective opinion programs on CNN. This morning, John King’s Inside Politics was “chaired” by Nia Malika Henderson. In John King’s absence, Nia Malika Henderson brought back New York Times “journalist” Jonathan Martin.

Jonathan Martin has been absent from Inside Politics for awhile and for good reasons. He is an opinionated Leftist who, as I described him three years ago, “looks like what we call a ‘Know it all,’ and he has a way of scowling that lets us know what’s coming.” He disdains his fellow commentators, interrupts the flow of discussion with his really “important” observations and is a poor dresser.

His favorite color tie is “pink,” which is why I called him a “pinko.”

Clearly AT&T, the new owner of CNN, has its hands full and is insufficiently skilled to restructure CNN’s lineup of Jonathan Martin’s  fellow “Progressive” journalists:  Christi Paul, Nia Malika Henderson, Wolf Blitzer, Victor Blackwell, Jake Tapper, Van Jones and Don Lemon.

I feel badly for Ted Turner who founded CNN as an alternative source of objective cable news that was co-opted by Progressive journalism from its very first days. We do need a source of news reporting unsullied by Leftist “journalism,” and WarnerMedia’s John Stankey is doing the best he can. But, is that good enough?

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