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Trump’s Personnel Failures

July 14, 2019

Well into his third year in office, President Donald Trump has failed to fill 30% of positions requiring Senate confirmation.

Thanks to “Tracker” we know which positions have been filled and the names of everyone President Trump has nominated.

Go to “Search the database” at Tracker, check any one of eleven categories, and visitors will discover details about every Presidential nominee, which positions have no nominee (140), how many nominees are awaiting confirmation (143), the total number confirmed (464). Any objective observer of this data will conclude that something is wrong with this Administration and that it is safe to assume that nothing can or will be done to improve it.

After 230 years since ratification of the Constitution of the United States, a vast administrative State has been developed that requires active involvement by the President.  Conservatives would like him to eliminate many government agencies, or appoint qualified professionals committed to control of the career bureaucrats who administer these agencies. By simply doing nothing, or by appointing persons who do not bring a philosophy of limited government to the positions in which they were placed, permits the forces and interests that favor big government to win by default.

A pall of failure hangs over this Administration and what’s left of the Republican Party. Only bad things will follow this massive failure of government.


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