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The Luv Gov is Back!

July 17, 2019

Former Republican Governor and U.S. House Member, Mark Sanford, has announced that–during the next thirty days–he will consider running against President Donald Trump. His announcement has been met, as yet, with silence and, in the case of CNN’s Chris Cuomo, with derision.

CNN, now owned by AT&T is an example of bad management left alone by uber-managers in the telephone business who ought to stay in the telephone business, so over their heads is the task of making CNN right. But, for now, let’s focus on Mark Sanford.

Mark Sanford is the first political conservative to come out in public to say “enough.”

Sanford destroyed his career when, as a sitting governor, he absented himself from his Columbia, South Carolina offices to pursue an extramarital affair with the love of his life–a married woman from Argentina. In some ways, that makes Sanford the perfect GOP politician to run against President Trump, the worst President of the United States in terms of personal morality.

Clearly, there’s something a bit “off” about Mark Sanford–he liked to share Coca Cola from straws in the sane bottle of Coke from which he was drinking–and I thought that was weird. But until his extramarital affair, Mark Sanford was considered the hottest prospect for high office by serious conservative Republicans.

I’m now inclined to agree with them.

A politician dubbed “the Luv Gov” is the appropriate candidate to challenge the adulterous, sexual deviant, President Donald Trump. Nothing that Mark Sanford did in Argentina can compare with what Donald Trump did in the open in the clubs of Manhattan or anywhere else he could get laid.

So, I’m not going to hold anything against Mark Sanford that he did in his screwed up personal life and hope and pray that, for once in his life, he’s serious.

We need a knowledgeable political conservative to challenge the ignorant, dyslexic, celebrity who managed to steal the GOP from us Republicans. And I hope that this ultimately leads to formation of a National Conservative Party led by true political conservatives.

The next thirty days will be interesting because we’ll see if some big money, like that thrown at Donald Trump by the Mercers, shows up and if some political conservatives who know politics decide to throw in with Mark Sanford. Money and trustworthy conservative political expertise will put Mark Sanford on the way to one of the greatest political brawls in American history.

Go for it, Mark.

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