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A Worst Possible Case: After Trump

July 25, 2019

Yesterday’s testimony before two Committees of Congress by Robert Mueller compels that we ask what will happen “after Trump.”

Donald Trump’s political views and political affiliations changed from pro-choice to right to life, from Democrat to Republican and political Liberal to political Conservative. The President’s knowledge of government (non-existent) will not change.  The Trump Organization’s business practices, which range from borderline criminal to criminal, will lead to criminal prosecutions of former President Donald Trump upon leaving office.

What will happen to our country, if this occurs?

If President Trump is re-elected which, in light of a weak and fragmented Democrat Party, is likely, management of the U.S. government will remain in disarray, even fewer qualified citizens will seek public office, a large number of “celebrities” will consider seeking elective office and our two party system will weaken. Multiple minority parties will challenge the GOP and Democrats in Congressional elections and await abolition of the Electoral College.

This instability will encourage Russia to absorb former Soviet satellite countries into a new Russian Empire. The People’s Republic of China will absorb the Republic of China (Taiwan), seek to reduce American influence in South Korea and destabilize Japan. It’s anyone’s guess what the Islamic regime in Iran will do, but all options are contrary to secure access to oil.





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