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William Schulz, RIP

July 25, 2019

For those of us who grew up in the Conservative Movement, a group of editors that included Bill Buckley at National Review, Bill Schulz and Ken Tomlinson at Reader’s Digest, M. Stanton Evans at the Indianapolis News and National Journalism Center and Allan Ryskin at Human Events were sources of news and opinion that we relied upon.

I met Bill Schulz, Ken Tomlinson and Stan Evans in summer 1961 at an ISI seminar at     C. W. Post College. I was 20, Ken Tomlinson was 17 and Stan Evans was 27. Ken and Stan preceded Bill Schulz who died on Monday, July 22.

Bill was a journeyman writer and superb editor at Reader’s Digest where he shook Washington’s political world with devastating analysis of the foibles of Liberal politicians. His study of the movement of ocean tides put a lie to Ted Kennedy’s cover-up of the tragedy at Chappaquiddick and he withdrew the Digest’s financial support of AEI when that “think tank” became neoconservative.

At Ken Tomlinson’s funeral in 2014, Stan and Allan were present to honor their younger colleague. I saw Stan Evans more frequently, and last saw Ken Tomlinson at a gala fete honoring Stan Evans. I saw Allan Ryskin infrequently, but at a meeting three years ago of the Pumpkin Papers group that meets annually to celebrate Whittaker Chambers, there he was.

That was what “made” the Conservative Movement: friends and acquaintances made over a lifetime of commitment.

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