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Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University

July 26, 2019

Jerry Falwell

There is much to admire in Liberty University that Jerry Falwell founded, not the least of which is his use of the Internet to disseminate degree programs. If I were a youngster of Protestant faith, I would consider going to Liberty. To a lesser extent, the Rev. Pat Robertson has built Regent University’s degree programs online. But, making a University requires more than religious faith. It requires scholars–and there’s “the rub.”

Good ones are hard to find. Faithful Christian scholars even more difficult to find, and sometimes the obedience desired by a religious college’s “founder” runs smack into the problems that American culture coughs up.

Today’s Washington Post publishes a long essay by Will E. Young, the former editor of Liberty University’s student newspaper that illustrates how very difficult it is to study as an undergraduate at religious colleges like Liberty and refers to the angst of some faculty who must serve without academic tenure.

On the other side of that “angst” is the desire by University administrators to adhere to their religious mission. Given the bias of contemporary scholars, that is not an easy task.

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