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Elijah Cummings and President Trump

July 31, 2019

President Trump’s attack on House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah E. Cummings and criticism of Baltimore have drawn considerable criticism as “racist.” There are “race baiters” black and white, but President Trump and Elijah Cummings are not of their ilk.

I worked in Baltimore for about six months in 1993 as a political appointee of President George H. W. Bush. During that time I would drive to Baltimore from northern Virginia and sometimes I would dine at a restaurant in Fells Point and visit an area nearby that I remember for its memorial to Polish leaders killed by the Soviet KGB in Katyn Forest.

Denver has a memorial to a Polish uprising against the Soviet Union also and both cities are favorites of mine, for those memorials, and their many great restaurants.

There are parts of the city of Baltimore–different from Baltimore City represented frequently by Republicans–Spiro Agnew is one–that are not safe and run down. The area around Johns Hopkins University and hospital is a disgrace and fits President Trump’s description. Yet sheiks from the Middle East travel to Baltimore for checkups and surgery at Johns Hopkins. If you’re attentive when visiting Baltimore, you may see limousines with diplomatic plates drop off dignitaries in dress we associate with Saudi Arabian culture at Baltimore’s finest hotels.

However, attacking Elijah Cummings raises other issues. Other cities where race baiters profit from control of municipal government are better targets than Cong. Cummings. Is there another reason?

The Wall Street Journal for July 30 reports that the House Oversight Committee has released a report that reveals details about Tom Barrack, an investor and ally of President Trump, who attempted to transfer sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. The timing of that Committee report and President Trump’s criticism of Elijah Cummings is coincidental, but also raises questions about the President’s relations with Saudi Arabia.


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