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U.S. Response to PRC suppression

August 14, 2019

When conditions are right, totalitarian regimes implode. The demise of the Soviet Union occurred peacefully. Will the demise of the People’s Republic of China occur any time soon and will that event be peaceful.

I hope that National Security Advisor has formed a group to assess events in Hong Kong and their implications.

If past is prologue, Xi Jinping will use force to break up riots in Hong Kong. If that occurs, the United States must act forcefully by restricting trade with the PRC.

Totalitarian aspects of PRC domestic policy are beyond remedy by outside forces, but pressures for better living conditions, food, apartments, education, travel, web access and religious freedom eat at the PRC’s ability to control domestic events. The PRC needs trade and that dependency should lead to restrictions on U.S. trade with the PRC to affect policies, real or imagined, by the PRC’s leadership.

Our first priority should be to use trade to compel the PRC to constrain North Korea.

Our second priority is to protect South Korea, Japan and the Republic of China on Taiwan.

Those two strategic purposes should guide U.S./PRC relations.

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