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CNN Gulled by Antifa

August 18, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, a CNN reporter conducted an interview with two representatives of Antifa.  The male and female reps were wearing helmets, black uniforms and masks. When asked “Why the masks?” the female Antifa soldier said she didn’t want people to know who she was or where she lived.

Both soldiers were in their early 20s, most likely college educated, and totally ignorant of what the Antifa “movement” represents. If I were to guess, I would say they grew up in an affluent suburb on the East coast, attended a good private school or a public school in places like Scarsdale, NY or Park Ridge, NJ and attended an expensive private college like Lehigh or UC-Berkeley where some professors are known for how much they hate America. That bias is so prevalent that James Piereson coined the term “Left University” to describe it and Dr. Peter Wood and I gave presentations on this subject that was Webcast.

There were two notable aspects of yesterday’s interview on CNN. First, the CNN reporter was ignorant of what Antifa represents and second, AT&T that owns WarnerMedia and CNN, hasn’t a clue about how to manage a balanced news service.

In order to understand Antifa, and Anarchist groups like them, CNN’s reporter should have done a little digging into past events. Even CNN attempted to explain Antifa to its viewers in July. But, a more professional research effort would have taken this CNN reporter to the 1999 riots against the World Trade Organization. There in Seattle, the Mayor and police chief were caught off guard with calamitous consequences as masked “anarchists” smashed windows, sprayed graffiti and damaged patrol cars. Political naiveté of public officials and news “journalists” who side with protestors were key ingredients back then, in Charlottesville last year and today in Portland.

Anarchism was called an “infantile disorder” by Lenin who understood that real revolutions are carried out by organized revolutionaries. The intent of anarchists is to disrupt civil society by violence that leads to  use of force by police or military that calls the legitimacy of “the State” into question.

Disruption of public order by Antifa is designed to bring down civil society and State power leading to authoritarian rule where anarchists may attract support they lack today.

Antifa propaganda is directed against “fascism,” but the Fascism of Mussolini and Hitler were characterized by militant paramilitary commands. Italian paramilitary commands wore “brown” shirts as did Hitler’s Sturmabteilung.

CNN’s reporter should have asked where these two young people were indoctrinated in the ideology they ignorantly espouse. Perhaps friends or family of these naive young people may intervene before they or others are injured.

We should place the blame on this lack of professional reporting on AT&T that owns CNN and the teachers of the two Antifa reps who indoctrinated them in high school or college in this infantile disorder.




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