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China on My Mind

August 26, 2019

The long suffering Chinese people deserve better than a government driven by a 19th century Marxist ideology turned totalitarian in the 20th century. Rioters in Hong Kong know that and yesterday, for the first time, Hong Kong police (possibly substituted by People’s Liberation Army soldiers) fired their pistols into crowds of protesters.

Since the massacre of democracy demonstrators in 1989 in Tiananmen Square, actions by members in the Falun Gong movement, and secret worship ceremonies conducted by Chinese Christians and formation of secret “private” schools, evidence has been growing that the Maoist grip of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China has been slipping.

Unfortunately, that evidence of decline in control has been ignored by American Presidents from George H. W. Bush to Barack Obama and the PRC has been treated as if it were a traditional trading partner.

President Trump knows better, but reversing forty years of U.S./PRC trade relations would disrupt the economies of all governments of Western Europe, Canada and the United States and lead to civil war in the PRC.

A peaceful transition of the PRC from Maoist regime to a civil order compatible with most democratic regimes in the West and Asia is to be preferred over a violent overthrow of the Communist government of the PRC. That happened in the former Soviet Union.

For a raft of reasons having to do with the brutality of Communist rule in China, growth in size, power and weaponry of the People’s Liberation Army, new technologies now being used for purposes of political control, and a willingness to use ultimate power to sustain itself in power, it is unlikely that the death of the PRC will come about peacefully.

We may laugh at the many changes in mind of President Trump, we should be thankful that he is not as clueless about the intentions of the PRC by the “useful idiots” who preceded him: from President Bush 41, Jimmy Carter, Bush 43 and Barack Obama.


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