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Après moi, le déluge

September 9, 2019

If Charles I of England or Louis XVI of France had been reflective they might have uttered the phrase “ Après moi, le déluge.”  Both lost their heads to revolution, yet their countries survived; England after the death of Cromwell and France after the defeat of Napoleon.

Here in the United States we face serious and possibly fatal loss if Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020 or if he loses.  The  dangerous crevasse created by cleavage in American political culture between the New Class that dominates an increasingly radical Democrat Party and absent leadership in a GOP that permitted a hostile takeover of the Republican Party threatens instability or worse for generations.

After more than one hundred years of decline in American political culture, the “jig is up.”  Democrats will nominate and elect socialists Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or Republicans will nominate and elect an incumbent so ignorant of government that only the phrase “ Après moi, le déluge ” expresses what is to follow.

In either case, whether Democrat or Republican wins, enemies of the United States are poised to advance short term and long term ambitions.  Vladimir Putin will recover Ukraine and most former Soviet satellite nations and consolidate a New Russian Empire.

Xi Jining will retake the Republic of China and seduce South Korea into a position of defensive animosity toward America’s military presence.

And the mullahs in Teheran will move to control shipping of oil through the Strait of Hormuz.

Taiwan has been conceded to the People’s Republic of China.  Ukraine granted independence by Stalin is historically a territory of Russia and vital to economic growth of a New Russian Empire. Only Poland will stand fast and establish a Red Line that Putin dares not cross.

As for Teheran, Western Europe is dependent on Iranian oil and can do nothing.

Whom do we blame?

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