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Hillsdale College’s Pursuit of Power

September 19, 2019

Hillsdale College’s new MA Program in Washington, DC was announced yesterday.  I’m curious why Hillsdale should open a MA in Government degree program in DC.

Three major media markets are better situated (Los Angeles, Chicago and New York) and some lesser cities like Miami have more prospective students. In 2014, I argued that Hillsdale and other colleges with a distinctive “brand” should do precisely that: open branch campuses in major media markets.

I know something about how difficult a market Washington, DC is for education enterprises.  I attempted to attract students to Boston University seminars when I managed a DC office of BU’s College of Communication; I found that neither “Hill” staff, nor the general population, was interested. Hill staffers were the least interested!

Others have tried, too. Pat Robertson’s Regent University had an office in nearby Arlington, Virginia, but closed it in 2008.

So, I must assume that Hillsdale’s purpose in Washington, DC is not education, but pursuit of power and the donors who flock to those in power. In other words, Hillsdale believes it can attract donors, if it engages in an outreach to the powerful.


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