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Why the Brits talk Good

September 24, 2019

I’ve noticed that British intellectuals are gifted public speakers and excellent writers and I attributed that to Oxford and Cambridge universities. Looking a bit further, however, I discover the influence of “Public” schools in the UK has been significant.

Buckingham University in England, under the leadership of Anthony O’Hear,  developed a training program for teachers that recognized the influence of “Public Schools.”

A bit of background information can be gleaned from Wikipedia where I found this interesting piece of information.

“Public schools have had a strong association with the ruling classes. Historically, the sons of officers and senior administrators of the British Empire were educated in England while their fathers were on overseas postings. In 2010, over half of Cabinet Ministers had been educated at public schools, although most prime ministers since 1964 were educated at state schools.”

Education in service to Empire, of course, is quite different from education for knowledge, discovery and advancement in private sector employment. That may explain why the American equivalent of the British “Public” school is less distinguished–and has a lesser impact on government.

Now that the United States is a great Empire, however, look to our elite private schools to generate Imperial Leaders and, perhaps, an Emperor.

Look ’em up if your Johnny or Jane has what it takes to manage an American Empire:

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