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“Our” American Empire

September 25, 2019

Our country, that once was new in 1789, no longer exists. And the Constitution that orders and organizes politics has been challenged to a breaking point.

That development was hastened by the  collapse, in 1991, of America’s nemesis, the Soviet Union.

The power, social and political order of an Empire has taken command and subtly changed our priorities as ambitious citizens redirect their lives. Where before, our young aspired to elective office, those who are astute recognize that the rewards for civic aspiration are insufficient to the demands.

From that perspective, even politicians who desired to restrain the Imperial Power of the Empire, and who spoke longingly of a return to limited government, were themselves symptomatic of structural changes in the political “system.”

A prime example is the former actor, Ronald Reagan.

Despite consistent references to fundamental principles of the Constitution, President Reagan’s appeal derived not from his advocacy of limited government, but from his celebrity. And once in office, representatives of the Imperial order were designated to run the American government.

Close to four decades later, we see a struggle by representatives of the Big Government Party seeming to constrain the drive for Imperial power by another celebrity President. Though the roles have been reversed, the Big Government Party merely pretends to want to constrain the Emperor while actually lusting to take his place.

The Republican Party, which exists in name only, has become the vehicle that the American Empire strives to realize its potential and slowly, very slowly, we are beginning to recognize that we live in an imperial order and we feel shamed that Donald Trump was the first to recognize that as fact.


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