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Falsely Promoting the “Old Dominion”

October 6, 2019

Before I could commence raising equity financing to start an online university in Yorktown, Virginia, I was required to obtain approval from the State Higher Education Council of Virginia, called SCHEV.

That was when the Commonwealth of Virginia promoted itself as the “Digital Dominion.”  Of course, that was a promotion that had no basis in reality and I even published a book about this false advertising.

The Commonwealth of Virginia, in many ways, is governed by its past which is dominated by government.

In the 18th century, Williamsburg was the capital of the English colonies. In the 19th century Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States of America, and in the 20th century SCHEV was the agency of government designed to block desegregation of Virginia’s public schools. In fact, Virginia even closed its public schools in order to block intervention by the Federal government.

Today, the Commonwealth is an adjunct of Washington, DC, yet its current governor, mentally a relic of segregation, wore “black face” in a skit performed at his medical school in Norfolk, Virginia.

I live in Norfolk and have seen firsthand how the Commonwealth’s past has shaped the character of its citizens and made them–and me–subservient to government. For many years I have bridled at the Commonwealth’s advertising slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” since, as noted here, Virginia Loves Government.

In response, I have asked my very gifted graphic designer to design a bumper sticker in protest.

Soon, you may purchase “Virginia Loves Government” bumper stickers by sending a request to

Take that, you Old Dominion farts!

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