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The Two Hundred Years War

October 15, 2019

From 1337 to 1453, France and England fought for control of France.  Though we think of England as “British,” William the Conqueror was from Normandy (thus the name “Norman Conquest”) and memories of ties to France of English kings were fresh.

A century in historical time defines what we call an “Era,” and the United States is well along the way in transformation of its original character as a democratic republic into an era of Empire.

If our current American Emperor, Donald Trump, can call Impeachment proceedings “Treason,” then we know that this Emperor has no intention of  leaving office. That, of course, is treasonous and the next fourteen months may form the future course of the American Empire for a hundred years.

If the worse case possible occurs, we will enter a period of civil war similar to that experienced by Spain. You can read about what that means in my essay titled “Prelude to Civil War.”

Long before the Spanish civil war (1936-1939), Spanish “Traditionalist” scholars warned that the  ideas of the French Revolution, carried to Spain when Napoleon invaded in 1808, were captivating Spain’s intellectual classes and dominating Spain’s universities.

The “Progressive” invasion of American higher education began in late 19th century and became dominant during the Great Depression when the Roosevelt Administration exponentially increased the powers of the federal government. Our Hundred Years War began in 1968 and what transpires between 2019 and 2068 may decide how much freedom the American Empire permits its “subjects.”

Our wealthy families have little to lose. Most are governed by second and third generation heirs who inherited their wealth. The “losers” will  be those Americans not born into great wealth, but with the desire to start new enterprises, finance them and grow to become the next generation of Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Netflix.

Most will assess how much financing is needed and not even try to start new companies.  And those risk takers who try, will find themselves limited by local, state and federal laws and regulations.  During the next 50 years efforts of deregulation and lowering of taxes must be the focus of whatever political Party survives the demise of the GOP.  Frankly, our future looks so bleak that we may begin to think of ourselves in a Two Hundred Years War.

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