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Fire CNN’s Jeff Zucker

October 16, 2019


Dear Academy “Follower”:

Our fellow Americans need to understand–before it’s too late–how powerful forces in mainline media today are moving America into very radical directions. And today the American Spectator published a report by Jeffrey Lord that contains transcripts of internal meetings by CNN’s Jeff Zucker with CNN staff.

Though Zucker has destroyed journalism at CNN, WarnerMedia now owned by AT&T promoted Zucker to head news and sport reporting!

American Academy of Distance Learning needs your help by organizing an effort to compel AT&T to clean out Liberal bias at CNN.

Using Internet delivered Webcasts, the Academy wants to educate our fellow Americans about the dangers to American politics and culture by the domination of American media by Leftist intellectuals.

Media bias has a long history going back to the late days of the 19th century when an internationalist ideology was fashioned to express the belief in the perfectibility of man as society was progressing to a “New World Order” of international law and organizations.

The League of Nations, and American President Woodrow Wilson’s desire to destroy what he called “balance of power politics and make the world “safe” for democracy, were characteristic of those times..

Today, representatives of the ideology of global citizenship are alive and well and MSNBC will held an event celebrating Global Citizenship on Saturday, September 28, in Central Park in New York City.

Yesterday, we referred you to a photo of recent American Presidents who, following Woodrow Wilson, placed global citizenship and international organizations above the national interests of  America.

The woman dressed in white in that photo, by the way, is Lady GaGa, as if  to emphasize how “trendy” is the view that the national interest should defer to international interests.

As this photo suggests, the “rot” goes very deep, so deep that it is possible that in a few years a younger generation of Americans, due to the influence of “Progressive” educators, will radically change everything  we have valued in our country.

Bias in cable news starts in university “Communication” Departments where good reporting of the news has been replaced with “communication theory.”

Go to the Communication Department at the University of Missouri or visit any state university’s website at random, access the Department of Communication and click on information about courses taught by tenured Associate Professors and full Professors.

Here are some courses taught in the Communication Department at the University of Missouri where, thank God, the Board of Curators fired a tenured professor of “Communication,” Melissa Click.:

COMMUN 2100 Media Communication in Society

COMMUN 3100 Controversies in Communication

COMMUN 3310 Message Design and Writing for the Media

COMMUN 3460 Organizational Advocacy

COMMUN 3470 Culture as Communication

COMMUN 3490 Mass Media Theory

COMMUN 3525 Conflict and Communication

COMMUN 3561 Relational Communication

COMMUN 3571 Group Decision Making Processes

COMMUN 3572 Argument and Advocacy

COMMUN 3580 Crisis Communication

COMMUN 3703 Topics in Communication-Behavioral Sciences

COMMUN 3705 Topics in Communication-Humanities

COMMUN 4412 Gender, Language, and Communication

COMMUN 4415 Language and Discourse

COMMUN 4440 Ethical Issues in Communication

COMMUN 4473 Political Communication

COMMUN 4474 Theory and Research in Persuasion

COMMUN 4476 Organizational Communication

We can’t reform all American higher education by firing radical professors, but we can attack its worst representative–media bias in cable news..

In 1980, when Ted Turner founded CNN, conservatives were sympathetic to Turner’s goal of “objective” reporting. It became clear very soon that it is not possible to staff a news enterprise with “journalists” in the United States and sustain objectivity in reporting.

Ted Turner lost control of CNN after merging his company with Time Warner. That proved to be a fateful conflict between Turner’s commitment to objective reporting and the Left ideologies that now dominate commercial news.

No “owner” of a media enterprise can long control college students who are Leftists and become “journalists.”  That is why since the late 1960s American media has sided with America’s enemies.

It is in keeping with that direction that WarnerMedia, owned by AT&T, and its television news property, CNN, attacks and deplores Donald Trump and his supporters.

But AT&T is vulnerable because of low ratings.

In that context, we want to counter attack in the heart of hearts of media bias by engaging in a proxy battle for control of CNN.

You and thousands of conservative Americans receiving this Memorandum can help by gifting ten shares of AT&T common stock to American Academy of Distance Learning, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization or by making a tax exempt donation of $250 that we will use to purchase AT&T common stock.

Go to to donate.

Today, shares of AT&T are selling at $37.92, up from $34 and $35 a share two weeks ago. Proxy fights tend to drive shares up and when Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC) moved to fight for control of CBS, CBS shares doubled in value.

A gift of shares to American Academy of Distance learning is tax deductible!

By accumulating shares of “T” common stock, we intend to finance a proxy fight aimed at forcing AT&T to clean out Progressive bias at CNN–or sell it to someone who will.

In this lineup of on air “journalists” at CNN a minimum of five must be replaced:

Chris Cuomo, Christi Paul, Nia Malika Henderson, Wolf Blitzer, Victor Blackwell, Jake Tapper, Van Jones and Don Lemon.

We will use the Internet to disseminate  four Webcasts that explain how pervasive is media bias at CNN and advertise them on Facebook and by using Google “Adwords.”  Facebook and Google Adwords are expensive means of marketing, but none better exists to advertise our proxy fight for control of CNN.

Here’s what we’ve budgeted for each Webcast:

Immigration and Cable News        $17,500           Sacramento

Advertising                                        $25,000

Media Bias and Our Country         $25,000          Chicago

Advertising                                        $15,000

Media Bias and the West              $25,000           New York

Advertising                                        $15,000

Media Bias and Foreign Policy     $10,000          Washington, DC

You can do the math and understand that we mean business!

Please visit our Website at to learn more about the Academy’s programs and then go here to donate.

Sincerely yours,

Richard J. Bishirjian, Ph.D.

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