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Jennifer Rubin–Progressive

October 18, 2019

When the Washington Post wants to disseminate insight into what conservatives are thinking or what’s happening from a Republican perspective, the Washington Post turns to Jennifer Rubin, as if  this opinion writer had insights that reflected the reality of conservatives or Republicans.

Of course, Rubin is described as a writer “who covers politics and policy, foreign and domestic, and provides insight into the conservative movement, the Republican and Democratic parties, and threats to Western democracies.”

Rubin’s essay in the Post for October 18 is titled “More bad news for the survival of the Republican Party” as if friends were happy to bring bad, as opposed to good, news. Rubin is a friend of the Left and is a commentator for the most biased cable news service–MSNBC.

But, why is Rubin described as an “opinion writer who…provides insight into the conservative movement”?

What is Rubin’s source of “insight into the conservative movement”?  Rubin is described by the Post as “an MSNBC contributor, [who] came to The Post after three years with Commentary magazine.”

Ah, there’s the slim reed of alleged conservatism–Commentary magazine–which had close ties to former defenders of Leon Trotsky against Stalin and was ridden to political influence during the George W. Bush Administration by neoconservatives,  including Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol and other former Democrats.

Political or Social conservative Rubin is not, so why does the Post suggest that working for Commentary gives her special insight into the world of conservatives? It’s all a pretense.




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