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Trump, Turkey and Treason

October 18, 2019

Wilson Center Director, former member of Congress, Jane Harman, may be a Liberal “Internationalist” whose expertise is described at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC as “Democracy Democracy Promotion Gender Gender Equality Human Rights Women’s Rights and more traditional areas of Foreign and National Security policy, but she accurately described the Trump Administration’s foreign policy as lacking in “process.”

By “process,” Director Harman means a deliberative process of experts balanced between career officers, political appointees and both Foreign Affairs and Foreign Relations committees of the Congress. After careful deliberation in that “process,” important decisions are made in favor of a “New World Order” of international law and not the particular “interests” of the United States.

President Trump has neglected putting together a team of political appointees who share his political philosophy because the President has none. The President believes that relations between nations can be fashioned in personal meetings and that President Erdogan is his “friend.”

Since the President cannot read, he knows little about Erdogan’s imprisonment and exile of opposition leaders and journalists and Erdogan’s aspirations to restore the Ottoman Empire in a Caliphate over which Erdogan himself is supreme.

But, surely, President Trump is aware of the Armenian genocide,  passively accepted by Turkey’s post-WW I “Young Turks,” and complicity for which Turkey denies to this day. Though Turkey is a member of NATO, with the demise of the Soviet Union and the rise of Islam, other NATO allies look with skepticism at  Erdogan’s desire to establish a new Turkish Empire.

Among other ignorant remarks of President Trump such as his friendship with President Erdogan is his claim that those engaged in his Impeachment are engaged in “treason” and that his hotel property in Istanbul is the crown jewel in the Trump organization’s real estate empire. His decision to host a meeting of the G7 at his Trump Doral Hotel in Miami also fulfills his desire to compensate for reduced personal income. As President of the United States his salary is only $400,000.

And, as if to add icing to this cake packed with policy mistakes, the President has announced that he will entertain President Erdogan at the White House. A White House invitation to the Turkish authoritarian leader immediately elicited criticism from members of his own Party and raises serious concerns for the security of a foreign leader.

Hold your breath for protests and riots leading up to the November 13 meeting between Trump and Erdogan and a reprise of 2017 attacks on protestors by Erdogan’s security detail. The Barbarians are at the gates.


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