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Ranking Life’s Choices

October 21, 2019

Blessed as Americans are with freedom to live lives that we choose, how would we rank aspects of our lives in terms of their importance?  Here are six aspects of living our lives as Americans and choices we make.

1) Living a life of virtue

2) Living a life of faith

3) Making a Living

4) Education that Avoids Ideologies

5) Where we Live: Bad and Good Cities

6) Choosing Good Leaders

The first three life choices are within the capacity of all of us to choose wisely. Nothing stops us from being good, faithful and self-supporting, if we have parents who make their life choices wisely. As families, we can pretty much survive as a family unit.

But, we are dependent on the greater community, and there we face choices that are encumbered by the failings of American culture. Starting at #4), we have a system of state run public school that are not universally sound and which are administered badly. If we choose to go to college we find that higher education is dominated by ideologies. And when and if we face life choice #5, we find that many of our cities are badly administered.

Yet most of us can successfully navigate those first five life choices.

As a political scientist, after these five basic “life choices” have been made, my focus is on #6 on this list. Yet, all the other choices have to be made correctly, or we will not find the leaders that we need to sustain our country’s freedom and independence.

That is the dilemma we face as we live our lives as citizens of the United States in the 21st Century AD.

Where are the good leaders?


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