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Night Baseball–Bad Idea

October 22, 2019

Baseball was once America’s national sport. That was seven decades ago when going to the ballpark was inexpensive and played mostly during the days. In the World Series of baseball, the first night baseball game was played in game 4 in 1977.

Games 1-4 in the World Series of 2019 is played at night on weekdays. Only game 5 is played on a weekend–at night!

Maybe this has been how the Series have been played for many years, but not when I was growing up!

When I wasgrowing up,  the game of baseball was played in the warmth of day in natural sunlight. The smell of mown grass and popcorn was part of the game and drinking alcohol was done before the game in bars that circled the ballpark.

I lived near Forbes Field in Pittsburgh and would sell Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspapers at Pirates games. Sometimes I would wait outside the wall on the first base side of the park and catch balls hit out of the park during batting practice. I would sell balls that I caught to parents to take home to their children.

When the Pirates won the World Series during the day, October 13, 1960, Pirates fans shut the town down. I was there and saw it all in the light of day.

Sorry, but I’m not going to watch five games of the World Series of 2019 that start at 8:07 PM Eastern.

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