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Finding a Good College

October 29, 2019

About this time of year, parents with college aspiring “students” visit colleges and universities. Most are uniformed about changes in higher education and send their Johnny and Jane to the wrong schools. The recent arrest and sentencing of wealthy parents who tried to bribe access to some prestigious colleges and universities is a sign of extreme ignorance about education and what’s “best” for their children.

But, there are some basic rules to follow, if you want to do what’s best.

First, choose a “Program” or choose instructors.

“Great Books” is a way to gain an education in the Liberal Arts and there are some fine Great Books programs. If you’re not familiar with the concept, purchase a copy of Professor Anthony O’Hear’s The Great Books.

Most students are not fitted to study Great Books with the intensity of a Great Books program, but those who are intellectual and “readers” will love attending a good Great Books school.

There are three that I recommend:

Thomas More College in Merrimack, New Hampshire

Thomas Aquinas College in Ojai, California

The Ramsay Centre in Sydney, Australia

If you want a broader experience, then you should seek a scholar who knows what you want your student to learn.

Having recruited and worked with more than 60 scholars to teach at Yorktown University, I have a short list of Professors you should meet:

  • E. Christian Kopff, Classics, CU-Boulder, Colorado
  • Barry Cooper, Political Science, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Mark Malvasi, History, Randolph Macon, Ashland, VA
  • Grant Havers, Philosophy, Trinity Western University, British Columbia, Canada
  • Glenn Moots, Political Science, Northwood University, Midland, Michigan
  • Arthur Pontynen, Art History, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Gary Wolfram, Economics, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan

And, if your Johnny or Jane excel in Math or any of the Sciences, choose any good state university.  We Americans do “Science” well. In other disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences we are not as good.

Are there any programs to avoid?  YES!  American Studies and Gender and Race Studies tend to be the worst.


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