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An Inside Look at CNN

October 30, 2019

What do you do if you’re the head of WarnerMedia and a large stakeholder in your parent company, AT&T, declares that your division of AT&T is the problem that AT&T shares are underperforming the market by 150%?

Well, you ask the head of the division losing big bucks to give an interview to clarify what CNN is all about.

Thus, Jeff Zucker, president of CNN and CEO of sports and news at WarnerMedia appreared in an inteview conducted by CNN’s, obiously nervous, Brian Zelter.

Zucker is a Progressive leftwing news executive responsible for biased news reporting that is visible every minute of reporting, special programming and commentary at CNN.

Watching Zucker, for the first time–since he does not give interviews–was more than interesting. Zucker’s interview revealed why American “journalism” is in the pocket of the Progressive movement.

A Havard graduate with a BA in American history, Zucker came by his liberal views at Harvard.  Though one might expect that growing up in Miami was an influence, I went to the same high school, North Miami High, as Zucker and I suspect that Zucker, too, enjoyed what had to have been the most diverse experience possible in America.

There were no ghettos in North Miami.

North Miami attracted all races, creeds and colors. And though North Miami High was not predominantly Jewish as our sister school in Miami Beach, some of the brightest kids at North Miami were Jewish. I gravitated to them, and not to the Baptists who walked the halls carrying Bibles. As a result, I attended many Friday Shabbot services and once saw an example of open anti-Semitism.

But, there were school picnics at Haulover Beach and Friday night cruising with my buddies along the massive strip of hotels on Miami Beach.

So, I may be wrong, but I’ll wager that Zucker came by his extreme Liberalism at Harvard.

If you listen to Zucker’s interview you’ll appreciate that he doesn’t understand that his Liberalism is off-key. And, for someone responsible for on-camera major media reporting, Zucker is unaware that he projects the image of a person who is overweight and improperly dressed. He chooses his words carefully, not his clothes.

Enough said. Listen to this revealing interview.



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