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Corrupt Colleges and Universities

October 31, 2019

Readers of my book, The Coming Death and Future Resurrection of American Higher

Education: 1885–2017, will appreciate a new study released by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center that reveals that, as of December 2018, 36 million people from the center’s database had attended college since 1993 but failed to earn a certificate or a college degree.

Sixty-seven percent of thirty-six million students were enrolled in community college. In other words, 24,120,00 community college students left college without a diploma.

The correct word that describes that statistic is “FAILURE.”

  • Failure in “selling” a college degree to students not ready for college.
  • Failure of college administrators who exploited students.
  • Failure of students to recognize that they were being “used.”

This unconscionable behavior by institutions of higher education should be addressed at the ballot box by electing Governors who pledge to reform State Higher Education Boards whose responsibility is to protect students, not protect the institutions that abuse them.

Students who drop out are not the problem. Our system of higher education is corrupt.

Some of the worst state boards, cited in my Coming Death and Future Resurrection of American Higher Education, are in states in the South where these authorities were created to block desegregation. Virginia’s higher education council is the very worst.

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