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Lori Loughlin’s Revolt

October 31, 2019

I’ve been a college teacher and president of an accredited university and I learned that American higher education is corrupt or even more corrupt than the used car business. At least when you buy a used car, you are watchful of deception, lies, and false claims. In American higher education the same deception. lying and false claims are common practice.

So, I’m tolerant of what some wealthy parents did in order to enroll their students in prestige programs. On the receiving end of some bribes were college coaches willing to take payment for admitting “athletes” to their teams who wouldn’t have met ordinary standards.

Putting Felicity Hoffman in prison was an outrage considering the offense and a commensurate sentence of a fine of $30,000 and hundreds of hours of community service.

I’ve got a “funny” name somewhat like Federal District Court Judge Indira Tallwani, but I’m beginning to think that Indira brings values of class warfare to her bench other than those we normally expect in a Federal Court. Ms. Hoffmann pled guilty and expressed remorse, but  others have chosen–as is their right–to fight conviction.

Today we heard from another [former] federal prosecutor with a funny name–Neama Rahmanithat actress Lori Loughlin’s children could be charged for complicity in bribery of her mother and father, Italian designer Mossimo Giannulli. Berserk Federal Prosecutors like Judge Tallwani and, presumably, personal injury lawyer Neama Rahmani, want Ms. Loughlin to admit guilt and not fight a possible sentence of 40 years in prison!

What? Everyone is innocent until convicted, or has Judge Indira Tallwani forgotten that American higher education once gave her a break? Why not Felicity Hoffman and Lori Loughlin?

What exactly is this Judge trying to prove? Is she not aware that Lori Loughlin is becoming a symbol of a revolt by everyday Americans against federal power? Shame on Judge Tallwani and shame on the Schools of Law who “educate” Federal judges like her! She brings discredit to the principle of the Rule of Law.

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