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Our Nation’s Future–the Dark View

October 31, 2019

Charles de Gaulle, president of France’s Fourth Re[public, resigned from office in 1946 because, he believed, France was ungovernable. Twelve years later in 1958, the French National Assembly brought him back to govern France’s Fifth Republic.

The United States is entering a period of political instability like Post WW II France, but without the leadership of historic men like de Gaulle in France, Churchill in England and Adenauer in Germany.

The election of Donald Trump was the beginning of our travail and will not be repaired as easily as did France repair itself–within 12 years.

We citizens of the United States will remember this era as our “Hundred Years War” during which we may experience civil war, military rule and, hopefully, after damage done to America by abolishing the Electoral College, we will return to a diminished plebiscitary regime, that is, at least, a form of representative government.

When may that recovery occur? If we’re lucky, within not less than fifty years.

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