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I Can’t Read the Washington Post

November 1, 2019

When living in northern Virginia from 1983 to 1996, and before that in Washington, DC, I subscribed to the Washington Post. The Post was politically liberal but, so were Presidents Clinton and Obama and the other “Internationalists”– Bush 41 and Bush 43.

In fact, two years ago they all had a group photo taken.

Today, reading the Washington Post is painful, so biased is its “journalism” under Post editor, Martin Baron.  Unlike another media mogul, Jeff Zucker, who politicizes the “journalism” of CNN, Zucker is a Harvard graduate in American history.

Martin Baron went to LeHigh that is generating many Progressive “journalists” that we find at MSNBC and CNN. Michael Smerconish and Stephanie Ruhle at MSNBC went to Lehigh.

If any LeHigh graduates work at National Review, The American Conservative, or the Washington Examiner, please stand up. I’d like to know who you are.

LeHigh University is located in eastern Pennsylvania in the hamlet of Bethlehem adjacent to Allentown. There’s a regional airport nearby, but most will get there by car from New York City or Philadelphia. Allentown’ residential housing is modestly priced, so many who work in New York will commute from Allentown. It’s a trying experience, but it beats the cost of an apartment in Manhattan. If I’m not mistaken, FoxNews reporter, Peter Doocy, lived in Allentown with his Dad, Steve Doocy, before they “made it.”

Lehigh University’s “Journalism” major, with the exception of emphasis on “Environmentalism,” is pretty straightforward and requires each student who majors in journalism to write for the undergraduate newspaper. Journalism at LeHigh isn’t subsumed into a Department of Communication as it is at many universities.

So where do LeHigh graduates get their Leftist-bias?

Usually by looking at a university’s “Mission” statement you’ll find some clues. Not at Lehigh where the mission is straightforward and right out of a handbook for “Liberal Democracy.” That means that LeHigh is “open,” not closed, like Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty University.

So why am I literally disgusted by the daily “news” assembled by Martin Baron at the Washington Post?

Perhaps LehIgh’s high cost is a reason? In the range of $60,000 a year, LeHigh’s tuition is on the very high end of tuition for an undergraduate diploma. That may explain why LeHigh’s catalog doesn’t just tell us how much it costs. That’s not “transparent,” of course, which is a “value” of good “Journalism,” but it beats coming out with it and saying, “To go to LeHigh you have to be very wealthy.”

So, maybe rich kids start out being “open” and “accepting” and carry a feeling of guilt with them because they know they’re very different. That explains “white guilt” which burdens most political Liberals.

I’ll keep digging and let you know what I find, but here’s what I suspect: all of the “better” colleges and universities are “Liberal.” Allan Bloom, who taught at Cornell when that college was besieged by radicals, explains why America’s colleges corrupt the youth.


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