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US/Mexico Policy

November 5, 2019

President Trump’s personnel selection process, that one experienced observer has likened to “Ringling Brothers” circus, has often chosen persons on the basis of wealth, friendship or standing with Establishment Republicans.

In the case of Ambassador to Mexico, Trump selected a superb candidate–and just in time. Close to three years into Trump’s first term, his pick of Christopher Landau is as good as it gets in this Administration.

Our relations with Mexico have been overshadowed by Trump’s “border wall” controversy and increased activity of Mexican drug cartels were ignored. The murder of nine Mormons in northern Mexico, however, reveals acceptance of cartel activity by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. That should be confronted immediately.

Ambassador Landau has no personal ties to President Trump, but now he has the President’s attention and should work with the President to confront President Obrador.


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