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After yesterday, I have two questions

November 6, 2019

The 1972 “post-Watergate” elections gave the Democrats 60 seats in the U.S. Senate and 292 seats in the House. Forty-nine House Republicans were defeated in that election and Republicans did not gain control of the House for twenty years until 1994.

General elections yesterday gave control of the General Assembly and Senate in Virginia to Democrats, and saw election of a Democrat governor of Kentucky.

These GOP losses could have been predicted by GOP losses in 2018 that were the biggest midterm victory for Democrats in U.S. history, greater than losses in the disastrous 1964 Presidential election in which Sen. Barry Goldwater was defeated decisively by President Lyndon Johnson.

These losses presage massive GOP losses again in 2020 and compels that we ask two questions:

How long will the GOP remain a minority party?

Is this the permanent condition of American politics?

Though nothing in politics is permanent, the future for Americans who want a limited Federal government is very bleak.



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